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'They're going to attack you, and murder you!' I told him.

'What!' he cried, jumping up. 'Will ye stand with me, against them?'
'I will! I'm no thief or murderer!' I replied bravely.
'Are ye for King George?'
'More or less,' I answered.
'Well, Mr More-or-Less, what's your name?'
'David Balfour,' I said, and then, thinking that a man with so fine a coat must like fine people, I added, 'of Shaws.'
'My name is Stewart,' he said proudly. 'Alan Breck, they call me. And Stewart is a king's name, so it's good enough for me, although I have no name of a farmhouse to add to it.' He looked around him. 'Now, David, I'll take any man who comes in through this door. You must watch the window, and the door behind me, and shoot anyone who tries to enter.
He gave me a pistol. I was very frightened, but tried hard not to show it. The ship seemed very quiet. Suddenly there was the sound of running feet, and a shout, and then I heard fighting in the doorway. I looked over my shoulder, and saw Mr Shuan, just as Alan drove his sword into the officer's body. Then several men ran at my door. I did not want to hurt them, but it was now or never. I lifted my pistol and shot at them. One man fell, and the others ran away. After a few moments, the sailors attacked again. Alan fought as bravely as before, his sword now red with blood. He was clearly enjoying himself. I had no time to think, but when two more men appeared at the window, I shot them too. Now there were several bodies on the floor, and blood everywhere.
Suddenly I realized that we had won, and that the danger was over. Alan was driving the men out of the round-house like sheep. When he returned, he took me in his arms.
'David!' he cried. 'I love ye like a brother. And oh, man, am I not a grand fighter?' I had to agree. He took a knife from the table and cut a silver button off his blue coat. 'Take this, David. The buttons come from my father, Duncan Stewart. Where ye show that button, the friends of Alan Breck will come to ye.' He spoke as proudly as a king, and I tried not to smile.
We slept in the round-house, one of us keeping watch all night, and the next morning the captain came to speak to us. 'Ye've won the fight, sir,' he said to Alan. 'We're sailing through the Little Minch now, and I'll keep my promise to take ye to Loch Linnhe. But ye've killed my chief officer, Shuan, and without him I can't find my way safely round these rocky coasts. We'll go round the island of Mull, but I warn ye, it'll be dangerous.
Hoseason was right to be worried. All that day Alan and I sat in the round-house and told each other the stories of our lives, but by night the wind was growing stronger and the sailors found it hard to keep the ship away from the dangerous rocks. As we came round Earraid, a small island close to the larger island of Mull, there was a sudden, terrible crash, and we realized that the ship had hit a rock. There was only one thing to do-leave the ship and try to reach land in the ship's boat. But as we were climbing down into the boat, a great wave hit the ship and knocked some of us into the sea.
I went down and came up again several times. Then, luckily, I managed to find a piece of wood, which helped me to stay up in the water. I looked round, but could not see Alan, or any of the sailors, or the boat. My only hope was to try to swim to Earraid, which I could see, not far away, in the moonlight. It was hard, tiring work, but I reached it, and was very grateful to step on to dry land at last.

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rocky ['rɔki]


adj. 岩石的,像岩石的,坚硬的,麻木的,困难重重的

doorway ['dɔ:wei]


n. 门口

grateful ['greitfəl]


adj. 感激的,感谢的

单词grateful 联想记忆:
sword [sɔ:d]


n. 剑,刀

fell [fel]


n. 兽皮

单词fell 联想记忆:
tiring ['taiəriŋ]


adj. 令人疲倦的,麻烦的

pistol ['pistl]


n. 手枪
vt. 用手枪射击

单词pistol 联想记忆:
spoke [spəuk]


v. 说,说话,演说

frightened ['fraitnd]


adj. 受惊的,受恐吓的

shoulder ['ʃəuldə]


n. 肩膀,肩部
v. 扛,肩负,承担,(用肩


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